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Play Queen Cleopatra Dress Up
Queen Cleopatra Dress Up
Queen Cleopatra Dress Up: Saying about Cleopatra - one of the most ever famous queens of all times in ancient Egypt, no one doesn't think of her beauty, her story of love and death, her fame with quite powerful rules at that time, and especially her royal outfits which truly inspire everyone. Well, get ready for a truly history by checking out all the Cleopatra dress costumes on offer. Let's enjoy and have so much fun! Play Serving Cookies
Serving Cookies
Serve the kids with preferred cookies. Play Kisses For Toto
Kisses For Toto
Help these adorable pooches pucker up for some secret kissing! Don't let their owners catch them though or its game over! Play Sisi want Toto Cake
Sisi want Toto Cake
Help Sisi copy the delicious cake recipes from Toto and replicate the same exact one for a yummy result and the chance to move to the next level. Play Minas Fruit Basket
Minas Fruit Basket
The season has changed and Mina is out in her lovely garden, picking up the Autumn's crops. In her fantastic garden, apples, pears, grapes and even watermelons fall out of the sky, filling up the space. Help Mina catch all the fruits in her basket so she can have enough to bake some delicious fruit pies, prepare fruit jellies for the winter, or enjoy a fruit salad with Lisa, Toto and Sisi. Of course, she will also be able to go to the next level of fun and catch even more fruits. Use your skills and agility to move as quickly as you can, catch all the fruits and win the game by filling up Minas Fruit Basket
Play Nelly Furtado Make up
Nelly Furtado Make up
The Canadian singer Nelly Furtado began her musical career 10 years ago with the hit, "I'm like a bird". Since then she has turned into a bird of music and flown to great heights in the musical industry Play Bake Chicken Woow
Bake Chicken Woow
You are at the picnic in the wonderful place in nature and you find a secret recipe for a delicious baken chicken. Try to optain a great meal for your family. Good appetite! Play Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers
Have fun coloring in your favorite singers: The Jonas Brothers Play Deni eye surgery
Deni eye surgery
This cute girl called Deni is having some big problems with her eyes after reading so much and watching so many cartoons at the TV. sNow she needs to wear glasses but she doesn't feel comfortable with it. Now she is at your surgery salon where you need to take care her. After the surgery you need to go with her at a testing salon to know how she is seeing. Play Lady Gaga Makeover Wambie
Lady Gaga Makeover Wambie
lady Gaga is one of the most famous singers of the day. We have all danced to her popular Bad Romance. What a video! Now you have a tough job. You are her personal stylist. How will you dress her up?

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Play Dressing Up Memory
Dressing Up Memory
Dressing Up Memory game Play Card toss
Card toss
Try to throw the cards into the hat. Play Make up for school
Make up for school
Make over this school girl with new hairstyle, uniforms, new accessories and more Play Jungle Brain
Jungle Brain
This is a really cool educational game in which you can play against another player or the computer. The objective of this game is to find the hidden treasure in the jungle. But is not an easy job as you will have to win your way to it. The game has 8 levels and all of them are full of challenges and not any kind of them but brain ones. You'll have to answer correctly to the questions as quick as you can and before your competitor to arrive first at the finish line and advance to the next level. Do you think you can do it and find the treasure? Good Luck! Play Webby
Find all the hiding little creatures in this short game.
Play Trendy Winter Style 2
Trendy Winter Style 2
It's a nice day of winter and this trendy girl decided to meet her friens in the central park today. Help her find an adequate outfit for a winter walk. Have fun changing different outfits. Play Shopping Girl 5
Shopping Girl 5
Shopping Girl 5 game Play Spa Shop
Spa Shop
Help the girl to operate spa shop using sauna room, barrel, and bed to make money. Drag the guest with mouse to right position Play Sue Jewel Maker
Sue Jewel Maker
Keep up and design the jewelry. Don't let empty jewelry pass off the screen. Play Pirate Dress Up
Pirate Dress Up
This pirate girl is a really adventurous girl. She has a lot of cool pirate outfits in her wardrobe. Help her try on different outfits and choose the one you would like her to wear today.
Play Little Tailor Dress Up
Little Tailor Dress Up
This girl is very crazy about fashion and she likes to create her own clothes. Her dream is to become a famous tailor one day! And she is very talented for this job! Dress up the little tailor as cool as you can with the clothes created by herself! Play Mog House
Mog House
Mog House game Play Girl Dress Up 5
Girl Dress Up 5
Design a perfect sweet look for the girl with new wonderful animated backgrounds. Play Giraffe Above
Giraffe Above
Help Jerry the giraffe eat all the apples in the tree without getting his neck in a knot. Play Makeover 63
Makeover 63
Choose the best outfit and try to get the best score
Play Frosty freakout
Frosty freakout
Frosty freakout game Play Color me
Color me
Color me game Play car park challenge
car park challenge
Park your car in the fastest time possible but avoid bumping with obstacles or cart as this may damage your car. Play The Olsen Twins
The Olsen Twins
Olsen Twins are the most popular twins of last years, dress up and make up them and their little appearance as well Play Japanese Girl Make Up
Japanese Girl Make Up
Japanese Girl Make Up game
Play Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake
Dress up Justin in the coolest outfit of all. Play Vanessa
Vanessa game Play hannah montana coloring
hannah montana coloring
Do you like to paint? Color Hannah Montana and her friends from TV. Play Escape Pear Room
Escape Pear Room
Escape Pear Room game Play Greek Salad
Greek Salad
Greek Salad game
Play spot the designer
spot the designer
Can you spot the selected person in the crowd? Play Bikini
The girl on the beach needs you help, choose any colorful bikini pair that fits on her. Play Money Tree
Money Tree
Don't we all want to have in our garden a tree that would make money? Well, this gardener has one but he needs your help to make it grow and produce money. Help him put the leaves onto the tree so that the tree grows, makes flowers and then delicious apples that you can sell and make the money. But remember that a tree needs watering and light in order to survive. So make sure you pay attention to its needs and turn on the sprinklers or the heating lamp when needed. Have fun being a gardener of a money tree! Play Burger Stall
Burger Stall
Click to load the burgers on the grill and buns on the counter. When the burgers are well done, drag all requested items to the customers before they get upset and leave. Play Gigi Prom Dresses
Gigi Prom Dresses
She needs your help on beauty makeover and fashion tip on choosing a nice party gown for her upcoming prom night.
Play Winter Fairy
Winter Fairy
Winter Fairy game Play Mean Girls High School Showdown
Mean Girls High School Show...
You are one of the new girls in the high school and one of the friends you made asked you to spy on the mean girls, the Plastics. Before to do that you'll have to train and make sure you are ready for the challenge. Once the training is over, start gathering information on the Plastics. But other students won't just tell you things so you'll have to challenge them and win to get some information. Have fun being a spy! Play Makeover 73
Makeover 73
Choose the best outfit and try to get the best score Play How to Make Vegetable Salad
How to Make Vegetable Salad
Learn how to this healthy meal. Play Demi Lovato Dress Up
Demi Lovato Dress Up
Beautiful actress and singer Demi Lovato is ready for another day as a celebrity and that means she has to look perfect. She likes to always look in style and her wardrobe shows it. Just take a peak into it and see all the cool and trendy outfits she's got. Then imagine you are her stylist and she has just asked you for an advice on what to wear for today. In the morning she has a casting for a new role and at night she'll go out with some friends for a dinner. Help her choose the prefect outfits for both occasions and make sure she looks amazing. Put on some shoes that go with the outfit and complete her look with some trendy accessories. Enjoy dressing up Demi Lovato!


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