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Play Sisi want Toto Cake
Sisi want Toto Cake
Help Sisi copy the delicious cake recipes from Toto and replicate the same exact one for a yummy result and the chance to move to the next level. Play Deni eye surgery
Deni eye surgery
This cute girl called Deni is having some big problems with her eyes after reading so much and watching so many cartoons at the TV. sNow she needs to wear glasses but she doesn't feel comfortable with it. Now she is at your surgery salon where you need to take care her. After the surgery you need to go with her at a testing salon to know how she is seeing. Play Kisses For Toto
Kisses For Toto
Help these adorable pooches pucker up for some secret kissing! Don't let their owners catch them though or its game over! Play Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers
Have fun coloring in your favorite singers: The Jonas Brothers Play Lady Gaga Makeover Wambie
Lady Gaga Makeover Wambie
lady Gaga is one of the most famous singers of the day. We have all danced to her popular Bad Romance. What a video! Now you have a tough job. You are her personal stylist. How will you dress her up?
Play Serving Cookies
Serving Cookies
Serve the kids with preferred cookies. Play Queen Cleopatra Dress Up
Queen Cleopatra Dress Up
Queen Cleopatra Dress Up: Saying about Cleopatra - one of the most ever famous queens of all times in ancient Egypt, no one doesn't think of her beauty, her story of love and death, her fame with quite powerful rules at that time, and especially her royal outfits which truly inspire everyone. Well, get ready for a truly history by checking out all the Cleopatra dress costumes on offer. Let's enjoy and have so much fun! Play Minas Fruit Basket
Minas Fruit Basket
The season has changed and Mina is out in her lovely garden, picking up the Autumn's crops. In her fantastic garden, apples, pears, grapes and even watermelons fall out of the sky, filling up the space. Help Mina catch all the fruits in her basket so she can have enough to bake some delicious fruit pies, prepare fruit jellies for the winter, or enjoy a fruit salad with Lisa, Toto and Sisi. Of course, she will also be able to go to the next level of fun and catch even more fruits. Use your skills and agility to move as quickly as you can, catch all the fruits and win the game by filling up Minas Fruit Basket Play Nelly Furtado Make up
Nelly Furtado Make up
The Canadian singer Nelly Furtado began her musical career 10 years ago with the hit, "I'm like a bird". Since then she has turned into a bird of music and flown to great heights in the musical industry Play Bake Chicken Woow
Bake Chicken Woow
You are at the picnic in the wonderful place in nature and you find a secret recipe for a delicious baken chicken. Try to optain a great meal for your family. Good appetite!

Latest new games added

Play Handsome
The manicures are part of little things we appreciate the must. The brain is off while you take care of yourself. Have fun! Play School Girls
School Girls
A new school day is a new fashion challenge for this sweet looking teen girl! Look through her school outfits and accessories collections and see what lovely chic school fashion looks you can pull off! Play The Bullet
The Bullet
A shooting range where you shoot other snipers and complete intense challenges, with a cool slow motion bloody effect. Play Forest Princess
Forest Princess
The Princess gone into the forest for a walk. Give colors to this beautiful moment! Play Daisies Season
Daisies Season
Floral pattern is back in season! It's romantic, feminine, delicate and a spring - summer must-have. Try this great dress up game and you'll find all kind of clothes with sweet daisy pattern. Enjoy!
Play My Little Pony Cosplay
My Little Pony Cosplay
Dress the pony in Cosplay themed style items! Cosplay is a japanese sub-culture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, and video games. So cute! Play Hannah Montana Dress Up
Hannah Montana Dress Up
Hannah Montana is a true sensation when she appears in concert, so for tonight your job is to find the best outfit for her concert that is about to start. Try to make it look sensational for the crowd of fans that are waiting for a sensational show Play Pack for Vacation
Pack for Vacation
A super fun vacation is on its way and you need to pack everything! Can you find all the items that need to be packed for vacation? Help Sisi, Toto, Mina and Lisa prepare their luggage and tidy-up their rooms. Play Spring Fashion Girl
Spring Fashion Girl
Have fun dressing this cute girl in various spring clothes and accessories then print and share with your friends when you’re done. Play Snorkeling Dive Trip
Snorkeling Dive Trip
Marissa is on an exotic cruise vacation and one of the activities she gets to do is taking a deep sea dive! She has always wanted to see the coral and fish up close and now her dream is coming true. She has to choose her diving gear before she splashes into the ocean. Can you help her decide what to wear?
Play Divine Pizza
Divine Pizza
Cook a pizza is one of the best thing to do in a kitchen. I love to cook pizza specially when you can put everything on it.Do the best yummy pizza in the world. Play Haute Couture
Haute Couture
Get this top model ready for a really glamorous, extravagant fashion show picking each haute couture gown and resplendent accessory that she'll flaunt in front of all those fashion critiques! Play Selena Gomez Style
Selena Gomez Style
Make up and Dress Up Selena Gomez. Put your talents in action and personalize each makeup, hairstyle or clothing and after save your design in our online gallery. Play Barbie Truck
Barbie Truck
Barbie is setting out to deliver toys and gives to all her fans. Her truck has been spotted on the road. Drive the Barbie Truck to the toy shop and make everyone super happy! Play Girl in City
Girl in City
This chic girl is preparing to go out in the city with her best friends for a girl's chat. She is the most popular in her group, a real trendsetter admired by all her friends for her fashion tastes and style. Help her prepare for today by giving her a gorgeous look, check out her wardrobe and pick up the trendiest clothes to dress her up. Don't forget about the accessories and also change her look with a new hairstyle.
Play Doli Cake Laboratory
Doli Cake Laboratory
Spend the day in the Doli Cake laboratory and prepare some of the most delicious cakes ever! Top them with fruits and whipped cream and serve them up to the Doli friends. Play Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up
Vanessa Hudgens Dress Up
Vanessa Hudgens is a famous American actress who is most well known for her role in the series High School Musical. Dress her up in this fun dress up game and give her different hairstyles to see what she would look like in other TV roles. Play Emilys Fluffy Kitchen
Emilys Fluffy Kitchen
Hi, this is Emily the little Chef! Come and join me in my kitchen! Lets make the best fluffy pancakes ever!! Warm.. fluffy.. and homemade, these pancakes are going to be delicious! You can choose from apple, blueberry, and banana, and strawberry if you want some fruity flavors on your pancakes. Play Sauteed Foie Gras
Sauteed Foie Gras
It`s time to make a delicious dinner by yourself so you should cook the sauteed foie gras recipe. Sauteed foie gras is delicious served with slices of caramelized fruits, such as apples, peaches, figs, or cherries. The combination makes it an unforgettable alternative appetizer. Enjoy the cooking lesson! Play Breakfast cooking
Breakfast cooking
In this breakfast decorating game you will have to come up with the best combination for some buttered toast, and pancakes. Make them as eye-pleasing as possible so you will have a great time eating them. The finish product must look fabulous.
Play Jumbo Elephant
Jumbo Elephant
The coming up show will be given by the elephant circus Jumbo. He needs your help to get the best outfit. He wants to give his best but the clothes are at least more important than his performance. Play Fashion Rain Boots
Fashion Rain Boots
Enough the old time when we had to wear rubber black boots with orange soles. From now on, rainy days are not that bad aren't they? In case you still wear black or even green boots, play that game and you'll certainly get a shopping rage! Play Natasha Dress Up
Natasha Dress Up
Help lovely Natasha look her best on her fun day out with her best friends getting her a girly chic fashion look that will instantly cheer her up and get her in the right mood for her fun outing! Play Turkey Roast decoration
Turkey Roast decoration
A lot of people don't know how to cook turkey, they always end up searching in the recipe book, or calling their friends and family for advice. If you are looking forward into learning how to cook a perfect Turkey, here is the right place to be. Here is some tips and tricks in how to prepare it. First of all, remember to wash your hands, knives, and other kitchen tools like the cutting board with hot water and soap, then check for the ingredients to be fresh and clean. Now that we have the Turkey roasted and all the ingredients and utensils ready, we can start decorating the Turkey. Use the buttons above in order to choose some vegetable ornaments, and in a few clicks, as you will see, our Turkey will be ready to be served. Play Make Your Ghost
Make Your Ghost
In Make Your Ghost, you get to dress up a sweet looking ghost! The huge number of outfits and accessories will let you try out a crazy amount of looks for your ghost. You'll have lots of fun seeing how great you can make your ghost look.
Play BubbleBods
BubbleBods should stick together. Help BubbleBods of the same color touch each other. Play Cake For Love
Cake For Love
Dear friends, we are proud to introduce you the new cake cooking game. This is a very special game because it's about baking an awesome cake in the name of love. We all live to love, or love to live by each individual case but once in life you will feel the real love. Now this game is very emotional because you can cook the cake as lovely as you want to, cause it offers a great variety of ingredients and fruits that can be added on the cake and the most important thing is that you must bake it thinking about real love. So start putting some glaze hearts on the cake dough and let love come into your heart too. Play Lisa and Mina at the Mall
Lisa and Mina at the Mall
Description: Stylish Lisa and trend-setter Mina are at the mall today trying on new fashionable clothes. Will you help them dress up with some new trendy clothes? Play Spring Walk
Spring Walk
Springtime is finally here and this chic girl is out for a relaxing walk in this beautiful sunny day. Check out her new fashionable spring outfits and dress the girl up as trendy as you can in this cool new game! Enjoy! Play Pink Girls
Pink Girls
In the fun dress up game, Pink Girls, you can dress up your favorite doll! You will have endless fun with the huge variety of clothing and different combinations!
Play Arbor day dressup
Arbor day dressup
This week we have a fun dressup called; Arbor Day Dressup. We know it is important to take care of our planet and plant. Play Candy Store Decor
Candy Store Decor
Turn this lovely candy store into a chic sweets' paradise on earth working your skills as an interior designer and picking out of all the lovely decorating items you have there! Play Lady Gagas Extraordinary Room
Lady Gagas Extraordinary Room
Lady Gaga is an American famous singer. Christmas coming and She want to change the room`s style, because she got bored and she want to enter 2011 with new designed room. She loves modern furnitures, so she bought many items for her room. Can you help her to show better design? Enjoy this lovely game and have fun! Play Shopping Mall In London
Shopping Mall In London
It's Shopping Week!!! Anna and all her friends came this weekend for an amazing Mall Shopping in London. It's their first time in London so Anna and her friends are visiting every store in London. Tonight, Anna and her friends were invited to a great party and they need to find the right clothes. Anna will need new shoes, a nice dress and some jewelry. Help Anna get dressed, finding her a cool outfit for the party!! Play New York Pizzas
New York Pizzas
Build your own New York thin crust pizza to enjoy. There are many toppings to choose from and everything you use is home cut and homemade. See if you can get a perfect score on your pizza.


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